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Fresh Cheeses


In store we have a selection of Italian cheeses..


All types of Mozzarella like Bufala, Burata, Smoked, Classic, Fior Di Latte


Soft Cheeses like Ricotta, Stracchino, Buffalo Ricotta, Taleggio, Tomino, Primosale


Semi hard cheeses like Provolone, Asiago, Caciocavallo, Fontina,Pecorino Sardo


Aged Cheeses like Pecorino Romano, Parmesan and Ricotta Salata


And Many More!!


Cured Meats


In store we have a selection of cured meats

Our Super Tasty Limonta Parma Ham

Salami Such as Classic Napoli, Milano, Fennel, Spicy, Piacentino

Speciality Meats like Wild Boar Salami, Bresaola, Coppa, Speck, Rolled Pancetta, Smoked Pancetta

Italian Cooked Ham and Classic Mortadella from Bologna

A Range of Whole Salami and Pepperoni

And Many More!!

Fresh Deli Bath

Other Fresh Deli Products


Along with our Meats and Cheeses we have other great Fresh Deli Items

Sicilian Nocellara Olives, Italian Mixed Olives, Kalamata Olives, Dry Black Olives

Sweet Balsamic Onions, Red Onions in Sherry Vinegar

Grilled Artichokes, Spicy Pickled Chillies, Grilled Aubergines

Our Fine Fresh Pesto and when available our Marinated Seafood Salad

And Many More!!


Italian Sausages, Arancini and Ready Made


Every week we get Italian Sausages Freshly Made

Fennel, Garlic, Chilli, Classic or Sausage Mince

Also every week we have Fresh Arancini Balls made with Bolognese or Mixed Veg

And our delicious ready made Lasagna and Melanzana Parmigiana, sold by the portion or as a whole bake

fresh olive oil

Olive Oil By The Pump


In Store we sell Olive Oil by the pump

Comes in direct from Italy every week

It’s from Abruzzo region and is cold pressed and first press

Bring your own bottle or ours are £1.50

1 Litre – 8.45
500ml – £5.00


Italian Ice Cream and Desserts


Our Italian Ice Cream comes from Turin and we have a great variety of flavours to choose from

We also have large Ricotta Cannoli or we sell a Cannoli kit so you can make them yourself at home

We also do a various range of Italian desserts which you can ask about in store